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Frequently Asked Questions

Important Hints for a Healthy Septic System

1) Do not overload your septic system.

2) Use water sparingly.

3) Do only full laundry and dishwasher loads at off-peak times if possible.

4) Do not put kitchen grease down the drain.

5) Do not flush cigarettes,sanitary wipes, disposable diapers, or other inorganic material down the toilet.

6) Do not put gasoline, oil, ant freeze, paint, paint thinner, pesticides down the drain just #1 and #2.

7) Use garbage disposal sparingly and increased septic tank cleaning.

8) Make sure plumbing fixtures don\’t leak/run water into the septic.

9) Make sure water softener doesn\’t discharge into the septic system.

How a Septic Tank Works


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